Agrolex was incorporated in May 1995 and is currently a reference operating in the international compound animal feed industry delivering all types of Animal Feeds, Concentrates, Supplements, Raw Materials and Integrated Services in Equipment and Machinery for farming industry.

Agrolex has been granted with the following licences:

Industrial Operation Licence, number 21/LVT/2013, granted by de Ministry of Agriculture and Sea.

Environmental Licence nº 477/1.0/2013, granted by the Environmental Institute.

Medicated Feed Manufacturing Autorisation nº 11/FAM/2020, granted by the Directorate-General of Veterinary.

Bureau Veritas Certification in Food Security



We produce compounds and complementary feeds, including medicated feeds, under current legislation.

Our feeds are comprised of excellence great cereals as maize, wheat, barley, sunflower, extraction of by-products from soybeans and sugar, minerals, additives and admixtures vitamínico- minerals.

We present the market feeds in flour, granulated or micro granulated. The products can be purchased in bulk or in bags of 30 kg and 5 kg.


Our stores of raw materials and the finished product are monthly controlled by hygiene programs, disinfection and pest control, to ensure the integrity and quality of our feeds.


We transport and distribute our own products. We have a truck fleet adapted to our bysiness with the purpose of quickly and efficiency answer our costumer's needs, from north to south of the country. The trucks obey to specific hygiene rules, applying to both feed and bagged feed.


Formed in May 1995 Agrolex is now a reference in the industry of compound feed in Portugal. Inaugurates in December 1996 its 1st factory and in 2004, due to the quality of our feeds and to satisfy its customers' needs, invests in a 2nd factory, to diversify the product range. The company has grown through the quality of its products and the flexibility / fast response to customer needs.