Agrolex feeds meet the needs of livestock farmers and the demands of domestic and international markets. Cofidence in the diets Agrolex, born by recognizing the high quality of our products, which are developed though a specialized formulation for each animal species and different stages of their growth, with the aim of achieving high leves of profitability, health and welfare animal. if you are not familiar with our range of products, or for more information, please contact us.

Animal nutrition


Two lines of production intierly separated. First line produces exclusively feeds for monogastric animals and the Second line dedicates only to the production of feed for ruminants.

Today AGROLEX is knowned for deliver all types of Animal Feeds, Concentrates, Suplements and other product agregated to nutrition, granting to it´s customers considerable  increase of dairy production, eggs or beef .

Agrolex is focused in animal nutrition, since the very beginning: for example, type of seeds for the forage, water availability and quality, vitamins and behaviors of the workers and animal management.

The best nutrition is a integrated nutrition!

Today nutrition is a dynamic concept.

Everyday nutrition evolves to a new standard and the future is set to evolution.

In order to subscribe the best nutrition assuring the best results in a agro-industry the only way is to deeply understand the local characteristics of the environment with the single objective to design complete Nutritional Plans that guarantees the most advanced production in fields like dairy milk, eggs, poultry, beef and others.


The curriculum Vitae of AGROLEX speaks for itself.





Continuing the strategy of expanding its product range and presence in various segments of the market, Agrolex offers a complete range of fertilizers, liquid and solid, adapted to diverse cultures, composed of simple nitrogenous solutions or with secondary elements (magnesium, sulfur and calcium) and microelements, clear complex solutions and suspensions saturated, able to meet the most diverse needs of various cultures.

Agricultural Integrated Systems

In this field we can supply any type of industry related to agriculture, and any type of poultry farms, goat or sheeps, ruminants for beef or dairy, ducks or rabbits, horses and all types of cattle.

Since the project in 3D or simple layout, to the complete implementation on site and start up.

Equipment & Machinery



It was created in 2012 the most modern department were integration reaches its limit!

The engineering, the projects and the nutrition work as a close circle to supply complete turn on key approach to our customers.


In Agrolex we manufacture and have the best partnerships with some of the world´s leading industry of machinery and equipment, since the irrigation systems, software and IT´s, compost machinery and all sort of modern agriculture implements made in Europe and United States granting the best quality with the most competitive prices.

Product Portfolio

with a portfolio in all areas of agro-industry starting in:

seeds, fertilizers and agro-chemicals products

Animal Feed

Feed Suplements

Feed Concentrates

Integrated Services

Equipament & machinery for agriculture

AGROLEX has been granted with many awards and cumplies all the European and Portuguese Certificates. The quality of the products, prodution capacity and innovation are all features making AGROLEX an excellent partner within the farming sector anywhere in the word!

AGROLEX is a world in our planet!